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LG Claim - 24 Hrs Battery Life for Gram 14 Laptop Launched at #CES2017

LG Claim - 24 Hrs Battery Life for Gram 14 Laptop Launched at #CES2017

LG has launched its new Gram 14 laptop at CES 2017 and the device has already attracted a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons. The South Korean company claimed at the launch that the new Gram 14 laptop offers a battery life of around 24 hours, which was not only a significant improvement over its predecessor but an unprecedented claim. But, the benchmark test used by the company for this claim has turned out to be a 10-year old measurement tool.

As CNET points out, the MobileMark 2007 benchmark tool used by LG already faced criticism around eight years ago. The tool's results presume that users will be using the laptop without Wi-Fi and set the screen brightness to a very low level, as per the report. Considering that the requirements have changed over the years, the LG Gram 14 is unlikely to last even 20 hours with the latest benchmark tools.

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Endy Uzo


Imo State, Nigeria


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Sixtus YBD Mowah

6:26pm, Wed 5th April, 2017



4:13pm, Thu 5th January, 2017

Before making such claims Laptop makers need to ensure they test their product like the average user would use it. Like medium screen brightness, 10+ windows/applications open at the same time, Wi-Fi connection, multiple browser tabs (at least one of them YouTube), possibly with music playing in the background. :)

Endy Uzo

6:05pm, Thu 5th January, 2017

I will follow the product and write more about it


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