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How Electricity Can Save Nigeria From Recession

How Electricity Can Save Nigeria From Recession

Nigerian is 56 years old since independence on the first of October 1960 but has no record of 24 hours steady electric power supply. There are many ways adequate and constant electric power supply can restore Nigerian economy I will go straight to the point. Do well to share to fellow Nigerians friends that love the positive growth Nigeria.


Internationally Nigerian standard of education in nothing to write home about. Students and pupils face different challengers while learning. Challenges such as:

- Dirty dis-encouraging Environment.
- Poor Lab Facilities.
- Bad Class equipment.
- Noisy Environment.
- Absence of electronic means of learning which the world is into presently, etc.

But all this can be curbed when constant electricity is being supplied. Most Nigerian schools don't see the essence in introducing electronic means of learning due to the lack of electricity to keep the electronic equipment running and the present immense cost of fuel (petrol, diesel, etc). A class session with electricity being interrupted at intervals would not be of benefit to any student that has worked so hard during a project or class session and loose the precious work done in a flash. Steady electricity will guarantee the student, no loosing of work done and boost the moo rah inside the student towards education.

Learning nowadays have taken another direction, talk of e-learning. Most Nigerian schools cannot boast of a well sustained lab for either E-library or E-learning. The reason being that, no steady electricity to keep the school Internet server system up and running, round the clock. But if steady electricity is provided and the budget of fuel purchase is cut out. School managements would not mind going as far as providing Internet connection to students even outside the E-learning centers.
Most Nigerian youth find time at night to read, but yet faced with the option of reading in the dark - which steady electricity would save them that stress.


Have you ever been to a bank to carry out some transaction. All of a sudden you experience power failure. That's bad isn't it. Hackers can easily find their way into a network that is still booting up. Most banks ignore that because they do not expect such level of attack in Nigeria. A Network could crash down totally if it keeps on booting and booting at intervals. People feel so insecure when their money safe house is experiencing a power outage. But steady electricity would solve all of this. Think of this, if a country can provide steady power, security in the banking sector will be at it's peak at all times.

The issue of network having one problem or the other will suspend. Because all banks are connected together making one bank a possible route to the side of the network so a failure at one point will definitely interrupt the network. I have been to a bank (name withheld) to deposit to my account. Then the bank lost power, all UPS went screaming and could not hold the computer used in the bank for long. I had to wait close to an Hour for the bank to turn on the already damaged generator plant.
This long wait would not have occurred if the bank had steady electric power to consume and equally serve the pubic effectively.


Transportation is very very vital in a society and it's importance is so classic, for this reason scientist have pushed the edge to create fast bullet trains that run on electricity. But it's saddening that Nigeria has no such train. From where I live, I do hear the throttling of a old model train struggling to attain speed and at the same time polluting the environment with smoke and noise. Nigeria can afford fast electric powered train but it will need a steady electric power to avoid keeping passengers stranded mid way.

The issue of power outage went as far as affecting an international airport in Nigeria Lagos. But, if a steady electric power is available, transport firms in Nigeria will up theirs service rendered and still make profit at the end.

One will never think electricity will help improve Nigerian roads. But yes it will. When roads are being constructed by crude implements and poor equipment, then street lights and glowing road signs are ignored you will get a bad result and increase chances of an accidents. But when you introduce high-end road constructing equipment and put in proper glowing conspicuous road signs. Accidents on the road will fall drastically.

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About the Author

Samuel Onyike


Abia State, Nigeria



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