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Price Of Promise 3

Price Of Promise 3

The smell of cigarettes filled the room, Sade coughed severally. Her abductors were chattering over a game of chess. They took advantage of her times without number, she often passes out but it doesn’t stop them from satisfying their needs. She didn’t know how long she has been there but each day she thanked God and prayed for a miracle. Yelwa probably gave them the order to kill me already; I wonder why they are slow about it. She thought to herself. If death comes, I will wholeheartedly welcome it, if not….only God can decide. She sighed.

“Mr Bualoga?” She heard their gang leader speak into the phone. She jerked up, listening to his conversation. “What is Sade Lomo’s worth to you?” he asked. Tears streamed down her face, Yelwa wants to exhort money from her husband through the abduction.

“I know you got lots of money to throw around, but I don’t need it, I am not a ravenous person.” Sade rolled her eyes. Your words don’t match your action. She was careful not to let the words out. “Do not hurt her.” Clem pleaded.

Yelwa can’t win this war. She thought to herself and lay down quietly on the bed. “You will hear from me” the abductor said and ended the call, turning to Sade he continued. “We will get ransom money and still kill you”. She wasn’t surprised, typical Yelwa in action.


Clem isn’t getting any closer to finding Sade and he is tensed by the minute, Sade’s mother Tola has been breathing down his neck since she was released. He had hoped the abductor would call and demand ransom money. He was fast running out of options, he could have his people searching for her but he couldn’t risk her life like last time and mess things up.

He glanced at Tola who was crying her eyes out. He lowered his head unto his hand, he didn’t know how much longer he could sit around doing nothing, they could be hurting her or…..he shook his head dismissing the horrible thought. He can’t think of death in the situation. Vanessa Bualoga sister of Clem walked in, she’d wear a long grieved face since she was told of the Lomos’ mishap.

“Why haven’t we been updated Mr Bualoga?” Vanessa asked sarcastically. Clem didn’t answer. He kept thinking about Sade, her current state, is she hurt? “I could end all these tears, endless thoughts and pains if only…..”  Vanessa turned to Tola. She got her attention. “If only he can admit he failed.”
Clem shot out of his seat immediately. Anger grew in him rapidly. He had promised to keep Sade safe but he failed now, she is taking advantage of it. “Forget it” he spat angrily. “We should be pulling all resource towards finding her not talk about some dumb stupid promise”

Vanessa sprang up also. “Forget it?” She barked, in a split second, she burst out laughing, a bitter angry laugh. “She was abducted right under your nose” she paused briefly. “I will graciously come to your rescue, but first I have an aged long score to settle” she said scrambling away. Tola looked at her as she left, confused about her last statement. “We don’t want a murder in the resort” he yelled.
Clem’s stomach groused. He hadn’t had any decent meal in days, he didn’t have the guts to stomach anything while he had a mess to clean up. He wondered what would happen to her when she shows up, the police suspect her for Dina’s murder and has evidence of it. Her problems never seem to end.

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