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Poem: Alhaja

Poem: Alhaja

Alhaja Oh Alhaja, What a funny girl;
She made the boys fall for her deep like water
in a well,
The Lads would admire from afar how her body
would jingle like a bell;
She made all the boys want to talk to her, but
when they touch her she would yell.
Curiosity that killed the Cat would make them
ask why they couldnĄŻt touch.
She would reply by saying itĄŻs her religion and
they donĄŻt do such
But you know the Boys didnĄŻt pay attention to
her words that much,
She would then yell and beat their hands after
they did touch.
OK, why donĄŻt you reveal your hair when you
dress up in the morning?
And she replies to the guy why do you wear
black every day like you are mourning?
Then the dumbfounded boy will keep shut like
a goal keeper,
Feeling grim, like deaths nearby, I smell the
But no matter how Alhaja said she would never
fall for us Christian boys,
I use to catch her stealing a glance at me
maybe thrice or once.
I didnĄŻt know whether Alhaja was Catching
Feelings or not,
But with all the eye contact I was getting I
couldnĄŻt still tell a lot.
Ironic that in physics class she was trying to
solve the bad chemistry between us,
But I was rather in love with her tanned body
which she thought was a curse
She was starting to dislike me, which I could
tell by her demeanor towards me
It was obvious she was disappointed at me
thinking all along that I was a G.

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Lagos State, Nigeria




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