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Tips on how to use the Naibac Platform

Tips on how to use the Naibac Platform

We've compiled some tips on how to make the most of the Naibac Platform. We urge all our members to take their time and read this entire Article if they wish to maximise Naibac.

1.) Choose your Category Wisely

The User Category field you encounter when you register isn't just for fun, it defines your very existence on Naibac. YES the category list is lengthy but you only have to go through it once. Your category determines how we promote you and picking a wrong category will make it impossible for potential customers and partners to find you.

For example, you're an "Event Planner" and you registered under the category "Blogger", a customer makes a request on Naibac and targets it at "Event Planner", you won't get the info, you'll miss out on a potential Business opportunity and you'll likely be receiving irrelevant info when other users make requests to "Bloggers".

2.) Got a Twitter Account? Make sure your Twitter Handle is Correct

Twitter is the major Social Network Naibac uses to promote its members. Every time we promote you or your Advert posted on our Feed we mention your Twitter handle so that you get notified and can keep track. A wrong Twitter handle means you won't be notified and you may think we're not promoting you. View your Naibac Profile and ensure your Twitter handle is correct (no typos) and in this format: @naibacloud, and not

3.) Things to Remember when Posting Messages on the Feed

The Feed is where you'll spend most of your time on Naibac. It's where our members post content and we promote the content on Twitter to get more people interested. We typically use the Title and any attached images to promote your message on Twitter. Pictures are more attractive than plain text. Attaching a picture to your post will make it more attractive and readers will be more willing to click on your message to find out what it's all about.

Ensure the Title of your post is short, catchy and interesting. Readers rarely click on messages with vague titles. Also make sure that the title isn't too long, if not we won't be able to tweet it due to the Twitter 140 character limit! Use the body of your messages to give plenty details but be brief and concise (straight to the point). Don't make it too long or you'll bore the readers and they'll loose interest. Don't make it too short that they don't get enough information to want to patronise you.

As a member you're entitled to post 1 Free Advert/Message per day so make it count! Don't waist the opportunity, make sure you carefully craft each post to capture the interest of Customers, engage them, and ultimately convert them from just a reader into a paying customer!

4.) Promo Points, the Currency of Naibac

At Naibac we help promote our members for Free. To keep track of these promotions and to ensure a level playing field for all our members we've come up with "Promo Points". 1 Promo Point is the equivalent of getting your Advert promoted by Naibac 1 time. All our members automatically get 5 Promo Points each day to use and promote whatever they like. Each new day your Promo Points will automatically be reset back to 5. When you want to post a message on our Feed for example you'll notice a section where you specify how many Promo Points you would like to use to promote the message.

Members can earn more Promo Points in different ways:

Members can Publish an Article on our Blog to earn 20 Free Promo Points
Members can Publish a Special Naibac Article on their own Blog to earn 50 Free Promo Points
Members can Join the Naibac Influencer Network to get even more promotions per 1 Promo Point, and
Promo Points can also be Purchased.

5.) Join the Influencer Network

Joining the Influencer Network is different from signing up on Naibac. The Influencer Network is a group of Naibac members that have agreed to help one another promote their Adverts on Twitter. The whole process is automated so you don't have to worry about the stress involved with Tweeting Ads for anyone. All you have to do is follow this link: Influencer Network and click the "Sign in with Twitter" button (make sure you're signed in to Naibac before you do so you're Naibac Account is linked to your Twitter account).

The Influencer Network works real simple; whenever you post an Advert on the Feed by default only Naibac Twitter Accounts will promote your Adverts. By joining the Influencer Network you'll notice that other random members of the Network will join in to promote your Adverts. It's as simple as that. Advertising is distributed randomly/evenly across members to keep things fair. Please read the information on the Influencer Network page carefully before you join. Please don't join if you don't want to see Adverts by random people on your Twitter timeline. We do our best to screen Adverts to ensure only those that comply with our Terms & Conditions of Use are published.

6.) Please Read our Terms & Conditions of Use

If you haven't already ready it please read our Terms & Conditions of Use. It states clearly and explicitly what you're not allowed to do on Naibac. Read it carefully and ask questions if you don't understand any part of it so that you can avoid being temporarily suspended or permanently banned from using our site.

7.) Publish an Article on the Naibac Open Blog

We just launched an open Blogging platform recently which allows all our members to create Articles and get them published on Naibac. This is a great opportunity for you to put yourself in the spotlight and drive more traffic your way. We pride ourselves on connecting people so by all means after the Article drop more information about yourself, a contact number, email address, link to your website/blog etc so that interested readers know where to go for more. If you're new to Naibac and you've got a Business then we advise you to publish an Article about your Business explaining in detail what it's all about.

We have a very rigorous review process. Adverts are not allowed (all Ads should be posted on the Feed instead), Articles must be insightful, educational, lengthy, inspirational, i.e. have some meat on its bones. Plagiarism is expressly forbidden, please do not copy/paste content from the internet. For more details please read our Article Publishing Guidelines.

Members also have the opportunity to earn some Free Promo Points when they get their Article published on our Blog. Learn more about this opportunity Here.

8.) Add your BBM Channel to our Channel Directory

We have a Free BBM Channel Directory on our website with over 200 listed Channels at the time of writing this Article. We're making it easier for people to find BBM Channels they're interested in, we also promote all BBM Channels listed in our directory on Twitter to put them in the spotlight and get them more subscribers.

Have you got a BBM Channel? We advise you to add it to the Directory. To accomplish this simply go to your profile page and click on the "Add Channel" link.

9.) Use our Powerful and Extremely Useful Search Feature

Naibac has over 4,000 registered members and growing daily. These members are spread out across over 100 categories. If you're looking for a professional to help you out with a task or a partner to collaborate on a project odds are you'll find them on Naibac. Our Search Page lets you search through all the members of Naibac and filter results by category, location, gender, etc. We urge you to take advantage of it to assist you with your Business.

10.) Make a Request on the Naibac Feed

No we don't mean make a request for the sake of it, please only use this feature if you have a genuine request, abuse will incur penalties. As we've explained before, Naibac has over 4,000 members spread across over 100 categories. There may be a specific category that you wish to engage for whatever reason. For example you need to plan an Event and want to engage "Event Planners" or you need to create an App and you want to engage "App Developers". Requests allow you to do this; members can post requests and target them at specific categories. Each and every member under the category will receive your request and hopefully anyone interested will get back to you.

11.) Earn 50 Free Promo Points by Publishing our Article on your Blog

If you're a Blogger or your own a Blog then you can earn 50 Free promo points by simply publishing an Article from us on your Blog. Once we've confirmed the Article is up we'll add 50 promo points to your Naibac account for you to use and promote whatever you like. If you're interested in this offer please learn more Here.

12.) Need Exclusive Promotion? Check out our Advertising Packages

So you're a member of Naibac and you're confident in our ability to get your Brand the exposure it needs to take it to the next level. You've tried our Free service but it doesn't quite meet your needs. You would like a more exclusive and dedicated service from us and you're willing to pay a premium to get it. Then you've come to the right place. Check out our Brand Promotion Packages.

Well we've come to the end of this Article. Got any questions? Please drop a comment below and we'll respond as soon as possible. Thanks for reading and enjoy our platform!

~The Naibac Team

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