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#TravelTip Cashing In on Airline Bonanza

#TravelTip Cashing In on Airline Bonanza

Ever wondered why air tickets are just so high when you really need to travel?
Well chances are that you are amongst the many travelers that purchase their tickets late.

How, you ask?
Well, airlines publish different categories of fares which range from the most economical to the most flexible (very expensive).

Now when carriers come up with discount promos, the chance of getting this economical fares will be based on if you book early. As your intended travel date comes, if you fail to purchase your promo ticket early, other travellers who book early will mop up the advertised promo seats.

For instance, if an airline releases 7 seats as discounted promotional fares, it will now be a matter of who buys it first. If you are undecided, someone else or travellers that has firmed up their travel plans will purchase these seats. This means that you will only be left with higher fares.

Your alternative may then be to play around with alternative travel dates. This is where a smart travel agent comes in!

As we head towards the summer travel season, this is the best time to firm up your vacation request at the office and request for the school calendar of your children (for those of us that are married). Little things like this will place you in a better position to "cash-in" on airline promotional fares when it becomes available.

We welcome you to take advantage of our request portal to plan your next trip. It just may shock you at how affordable and seamless the entire process is.

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Thank you,
Dave Chiaka
Lead Consultant/CEO
Cloudsurfers Ltd

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