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Reflect Your Brand Personality

Reflect Your Brand Personality


As we all know, first impression is golden. Your reception area is the first thing that a potential client sees when they visit your office. As such, when designing your reception area, take the opportunity to make a strong, positive first impression.


Because your reception area is central to representing your business to outside visitors, it is important to have a properly designed, well thought out, and appropriately furnished space. The look and feel of your reception area should reflect the nature of your business and represent your brand personality.

If your company portrays a very exclusive brand identity, it would not be an ideal to have a reception area filled with bright colored Ping-Pong chairs. If u want to give the impression of exclusively, opt rather for more luxurious furniture – armchairs in dark leather and an elegant reception’s desk —visit IMAGIA ITALIAN FURNITURE & INTERIOR. This type of design will make your visitors feel welcome and comfortable, while still projecting an atmosphere and exclusivity.

On the other hand, if your company has a more fun and playful brand, like Google’s then you can have more fun with your design. But keep in mind that you still need to make a good first impression, and while beanbag chairs may be great for goggle, they most likely won’t be the best choice for you. You may consider a sleekly designed, boldly coloured and comfortable settee.


Everybody will spend different amount of time in your reception area. Some people may simply walk through, so may wait there a few times, and others may be spending a long period of time there. Because of this, you should consider ways to keep them comfortable apart from providing a good seating.

There should be a provision for magazine for magazine in the reception area and even a coffee in the morning for the visitors while waiting. Providing a service like this in your reception area will make your visitors feel more comfortable and welcomed. If your business provide financial services, it could be a good idea to install a television to show up to-the-minute financial news.

Both of these tactics will keep your clients engaged while they’re in the reception area and make them feel more comfortable. They definitely won’t be sitting doing nothing and becoming impatient while they wait.

All of these will give the impression that you care about your clients, their comforts and their needs. This will help to start a good relationship between you and your clients and ensure a solid relationship in the future.

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