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How Naibac can help you Promote your Business on Social Media for FREE

How Naibac can help you Promote your Business on Social Media for FREE

More Tips on how to Maximize the Naibac FREE Advertising Platform to Promote your Business

You're here because you've got a problem. You're a Startup with a great Product or Service but struggling with advertising because you have little or no funds. You're a Small Business with some small measure of success with Offline Marketing but want to take advantage of the power of Social Media to market your Brand. You're a Promoter and you're looking for a new marketing channel to promote your Event. You're an Artist that just recently release a hot new track or album and need to make some noise about it. You're a Freelancer looking for more work and need to advertise your skills on Social Media. Whatever the reason, you have come to the right place!

What is Naibac?
Naibac is a Social Media Platform that helps you grow your Business and Social contacts on Facebook, Twitter, BlackBerry Messenger and other Social Networks by connecting you with people from all over the world with Skills you’re interested in and Expertise that are similar to your own. Naibac is also actively involved in supporting SME’s and Startups with FREE and affordable advertising opportunities to help them promote their Businesses online through Social Media.

How do I get Started with the Free Twitter Advertising?
As a Registered Member of Naibac you're entitled to Free Advertising on our platform. Advertising with us is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Have you registered with us? If you have then Login, if not then please Register.
  2. After you login you'll land on your Profile Page. Just click on the Shout Out link.
  3. Enter a Tweet in the text box provided. Please Note that this is the tweet we'll use to Promote you. Make sure you add your Twitter Handle so you'll get notified when we Advertise you.
  4. If you want to test it out then click on the Promote Now! link on the page then check your Twitter.
  5. When you want us to Promote you on Twitter just tweet this: "@naibacloud #PromoteMe".
  6. When our App detects the #PromoteMe hashtag in your tweet the App with tweet your promo tweet using our @naibacloud (~4,400 followers) and @naibac_requests (~1,300 followers) accounts.
We have over 1,800 registered users so to keep things fair each user is entitled to only 2 FREE Promotions per Day. If you would like a more exclusive arrangement then please check out our "Paid Advertising on Twitter" section below.

Advertising on the Naibac Feed
Sometimes the 140 character limit might be too restrictive for your to give more details about that Startup you just launched, Product/Service you just released, Event you're preparing for, or that Special Offer you just rolled. That's why we've introduced the Naibac Feed.

On the Feed you can post more detailed information about whatever you want (and can even attach a picture to enhance your post) so that all our visitors can see your post and patronize you if they're interested. We'll also help you promote your Feed Posts with 10 FREE Tweets to spread the word to our 4,400+ Followers and get even more people interested. To post a message on the Feed simply login to and click on the "Post Message" link, enter your details, attach a picture if you want to and post it.

Please Note that registered Users are restricted to just 1 post per day.

Paid Advertising on Twitter
Although we've got a Free Advertising Service, some customers feel the features are a bit too limiting to meet their Advertising needs, so we've come up with a solution. We've partnered with Influencers @LGTNigeria and @TrafficChiefNG to bring you Cheap Twitter Advertising! Users that want exclusive advertising pay a small fee of N50 per Tweet and get to advertise whatever they like (event, product, service, brand, music, special offer, etc) through our Influencer Network.

Customers that opt for this solution purchase Ad Points at N50 each (each point allows you send one tweet). Customers then create 10 unique tweets and we tweet them through our Influencer Network. Want to try before you buy? No problem, we'll give you 10 Free Tweets (worth N500) to test out our service. We're confident you'll be both impressed and satisfied! :) Need more info? Please check here:

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